Internal Business Digital Transformation (DX)

We are promoting operational efficiency within our company.
By working on the digital transformation of various tasks, we aim to enhance productivity.

Automating Pearl Counting

We introduced an app called "Counthings" to automate the counting of pearls. By implementing this app, we were able to reduce the time spent on pearl counting by over 300 hours annually.

Processing Workflow App

We utilized an online service called "Jooto" to visualize the processing workflow. After its implementation, we now manage all the processes from processing the products to their finalization through the web. This has eliminated backlogged products, allowing us to promptly showcase products to customers. As a result, we reduced the time spent on product management by 100 hours annually and eliminated backlogged items.

Managing Parts with an App

We created a dedicated parts management app using Google AppSheet to track the inflow and outflow of parts. Due to the frequent and detailed nature of parts transactions, the inventory process used to take a full two days. After implementing the app, this was reduced to just one hour. With this improvement, we cut down the time spent on parts inventory during the four annual sessions by 56 hours.

Automating PC Input

We have implemented an in-house inventory management system called "Kinko-ban." However, when listing products on the app or e-commerce site, there was no API integration, and manual data input was required. This process consumed manpower and led to human errors due to the detailed data input. With the introduction of UiPath, we automated computer input tasks, reducing the time spent on input by 50 hours.

Development of Business Negotiation App and E-commerce

Through the development of a negotiation app and an e-commerce system, we can now handle inquiries that were previously only addressed individually in a batch. This has resulted in a reduction of 2,000 hours in the time spent on negotiations annually. The ability to search for the latest products has greatly improved convenience.

Mobile App & Online Shop

Implementation of Inventory Management System

We have introduced a software called "Kinko-ban" managed with Access. This system not only handles inventory management but also sales, possession management, and the creation of invoices related to exports. This has successfully eliminated the need for manual creation of receipts. The system is also used for streamlining the creation of receipts and data management during exhibitions.

Schedule Management with Google Calendar

We have eliminated the paper-based monthly and yearly schedules and integrated them with Google Calendar. This has resulted in the visualization of the overall schedule and a significant improvement in efficiency. Tasks such as updating and rewriting the schedule table at the beginning of each month have been eliminated, leading to a reduction of 40 hours annually. Moreover, we have successfully eliminated human errors such as missing entries in the calendar.

Streamlining Operations with the Use of ChatGP

The increase in communication with overseas companies led to a substantial amount of paperwork requiring translation, which was time-consuming. However, by leveraging ChatGPT, the accuracy of translation has dramatically improved.

Utilizing Adobe Creative Cloud

The introduction of Adobe Creative Cloud has significantly reduced the time required for tasks such as image editing and generation using Photoshop with AI, booth layout creation for exhibition using Illustrator, and the production of company presentation videos using Premiere Pro."

Creating a website using WordPress

We utilized WordPress to create our company's website. Through the use of plugins and other tools, website management has become more efficient, enabling smooth information dissemination.

Internalization of smartphones

In introducing company smartphones, we reduced fixed-line phones. This streamlined call handling even during business trips through internal phone lines. Furthermore, by efficiently reading phone numbers of system-managed clients into our phone system, we can now instantly recognize who is calling upon receiving a call. This has led to a significant improvement in the quality of phone responses.