Promotional Activities

To enhance the awareness of pearls, we actively participate in international jewelry exhibitions,
such as sponsoring the Jewelry Best Dresser Award at jewelry expos and exhibiting at overseas trade shows.

Sponsorship of the Jewelry Best Dresser Award

The Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Award is presented by the Japan Jewelry Association and is given to celebrities. This award recognizes individuals who have "shone the most" and "worn jewelry the most beautifully" throughout the past year, as well as those whom they hope will continue to wear jewelry in the future. The awards ceremony takes place every January at the Tokyo International Jewelry Exhibition. We have been consistently providing pearl products as sponsored items since our initial participation 20 years ago, and many entertainers have adorned themselves with our pearl products.

Sponsorship of the Jewelry Association

The Japan Jewelry Association positions “Focus on Pearl Products” as one of its main activities and strives to promote the penetration of pearl products to consumers through collaboration with other organizations and PR efforts.

As the first initiative, we are sponsoring the Japan Jewelry Association in producing a video aimed at motivating the younger generation to purchase pearls and establishing the culture of incorporating pearls into various life events, including weddings and funerals.

Participation in China International Import Expo

The China International Import Expo is an exhibition organized by the Chinese government to promote import expansion and is themed around imports. It was held in Shanghai.

We also participated in the exhibition in China, which hosts the world's largest pearl market. Our goal is to convey the allure of high-quality Japanese Akoya pearls to visitors from various regions, contributing to further raising awareness of pearls.

Fashion Show in Hong Kong

The Japan Pearl Exporters Association organized a fashion show at Hong Kong Jewelry Show to enhance the awareness of pearls. They collaborated with product displays where models showcased the pearls, aiming to elevate the image of pearls and promote their recognition.


For regional development, we support the local soccer team and also serve as sponsors for the local newspaper company. We strive to make efforts that benefit the local community.