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CSR Initiatives

We are dedicated to quality management, sourcing pearls directly from farmers worldwide, processing them in-house, and creating semi-finished products like strands. Additionally, we oversee every step of the finishing process for jewelry items such as necklaces, rings, and pendants.

We believe that the sustainability and continual improvement of this entire process contribute to our vision of “Enhancing people’s beauty with pearls, making them happy with smiles”. We see the mechanism of sustaining and evolving this entire process, especially at the micro level, as crucial to achieving our goal.

To realize this vision, we recognize the importance of three qualities.

The three essential qualities required for realization

"Social Quality" "Service Quality" "Business Process Quality"

Social Quality

The foundation begins with ‘social quality,’ meaning the right manufacturing processes recognized by society. This specifically involves aspects such as working conditions at offices, environmental conservation, and the impact on ecosystems—qualities socially demanded.

Currently, pearls available in the market are cultivated in the sea. While we don’t operate cultivation farms ourselves, in the selection of materials, we consider environmental protection and ecological perspectives. We support producers who prioritize safe and comfortable working conditions and ecosystem preservation, and we source our materials accordingly.

Service Quality

The quality of the products and services we provide is crucial. This encompasses aspects such as clear product descriptions, responsive and adaptable customer service, the ability to propose new products, and taking responsibility for after-sales care.

As a specialized pearl manufacturer, it’s not just about having in-depth product knowledge, but also staying informed about market trends for pearls. We strive to ensure that our customers can confidently sell our products. In the face of challenges, we actively seek solutions and put in the effort to address any negative aspects. We adapt flexibly to the diverse needs of our customers and take responsibility for every aspect, from sales to after-care, with the aim of delighting both our customers and their customers.

Business Process Quality

No matter how excellent the working environment or high-quality the services, if the precision and efficiency of the work are lacking, all processes such as cost reduction and quality management cease to function effectively. This can have adverse effects on product quality and the growth of partners. To meet the demands of society and fulfill the expectations of all stakeholders, it is essential to accumulate work with high precision and efficiency.

"Enhancing people's beauty with pearls, making them happy with smiles"

We aspire to create products with new value, offering joy, happiness, and satisfaction to people worldwide who wear pearls, regardless of formal or informal occasions.
To achieve this goal, it is crucial to be a company where individuals who resonate with this vision, believe in its value, and are willing to work towards it come together.
We need to be a company that continues to challenge itself towards the same goal.

While pearls are a form of jewelry, merely fitting into the category of jewelry may prove challenging for survival in the future.
Our challenge is to determine what steps we should take for the future.

"Giving shape to challenges."

"Integrity, Challenge, Change" is not only our corporate philosophy but also a guiding principle in the pearl industry, where various transformations are taking place. To adapt and overcome these changes, we are actively engaging in various initiatives and challenges.

Venturing into Remote Sales

Pearls, even within the same price range, vary in quality, with subtle differences in shape and luster significantly influencing prices. Additionally, the intensity of lighting can alter the color and luster. Faithfully capturing these nuances in photographs is challenging, and traditionally, the pearl industry relied on in-person sales at events like trade shows.

With the restrictions on people’s movement during the pandemic making face-to-face sales difficult, we have shifted our focus to online sales. We have invested in photography equipment, experimented with lighting and shooting techniques to accurately reproduce our products. Moreover, we have set up a sales platform that allows customers to view the products in real-time.

Enhancing Digital Literacy

The current situation for Japanese companies is a decrease in global presence due to the delayed adoption of digitization. The pearl industry, with its long history and deep-rooted traditions, is no exception. In the modern era of widespread internet use, where aspects like security management are prevalent, we believe that improving IT literacy is essential.

We are actively working on digital transformation (DX) by leveraging our in-house systems, online applications, and web services. To survive in the rapidly changing market, we recognize the need to enhance productivity and efficiency through digitization, thereby increasing our competitiveness.

Proactive Expansion into Overseas Markets

Currently, we participate in jewelry shows in Hong Kong and Singapore. We are also exploring opportunities in the European markets such as Switzerland (Basel), Southeast Asian markets like Thailand and Indonesia, and Chinese markets including Taiwan and Shanghai. Rather than solely focusing on domestic conditions, we consistently look beyond borders, pioneering future markets for the next 5 to 10 years. In our efforts to expand into international markets, we are actively recruiting and nurturing talent capable of making a global impact.

Furthermore, we are collaborating with various associations and government stakeholders to revitalize Japan’s pearl industry and reclaim its position as a global hub. Our commitment extends to challenging the international community in this endeavor.

Human Resource Development

Human resources are the company's assets. However, individuals do not develop overnight. By investing in talent development and elevating awareness towards work, we aim to enhance team and organizational performance. Ultimately, we seek to maintain and improve the company's competitiveness as a result.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) and Mentorship Program

At EIKO PEARL, while fundamental etiquette and industry knowledge are learned through training programs like new employee orientation, the majority of our training is conducted through On-the-Job Training (OJT). Senior employees, close in age to the newcomers, serve as mentors and provide guidance. The mentoring process encourages senior employees to review procedures and deepen their understanding when teaching tasks to newcomers. Until proficiency is achieved, mentorship involves one-on-one guidance.

Additionally, newcomers compile notes on what they have learned, submitting them to their supervisors for confirmation of understanding. This process allows for receiving advice and feedback from supervisors, facilitating a deeper understanding. To promote easy communication for daily insights and inquiries, we use platforms like LINE, fostering a communicative environment with mentor employees.

Farm Training and Exhibition Attendance

Upon joining the company, new employees undergo aquaculture farm training in collaboration with producers. Through training sessions on the core experiences and shell management, they gain a deeper understanding of the process through which pearls are formed, including the mechanism and luster. Additionally, insights into the producers’ sentiments towards pearls are explored.

All employees, including new recruits and those from the processing department, attend exhibitions. They actively participate in the booth setup and engage in sales activities. This hands-on experience allows them to witness how the products they are involved in are sold. Furthermore, direct interactions with clients provide valuable insights into market needs.

In this way, the comprehensive training and exhibition participation covering the entire process from production to sales contribute to profound learning experiences.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits

To ensure that our employees work in a safe and fulfilling environment, we place a strong emphasis on employee benefits. Specifically, we offer support for acquiring qualifications through a qualification acquisition program. We also have a paid leave system that allows consecutive days off and a housing assistance program that subsidizes a portion of housing expenses.

Given the high proportion of female employees, we are committed to ensuring that career continuity is not interrupted by life events such as marriage, childbirth, and childcare. As such, we have implemented systems such as maternity and childcare leave.

We believe that creating a well-rounded work environment and providing a place where employees can thrive contribute to enhancing productivity as a company. Additionally, investing time in nurturing attractive talent is crucial to our success.