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Pearl Professionals

EIKO PEARL boast a team of professional staff members, each excelling in their respective fields.
From expert procurers known for their discerning eye, to processing specialists, and professionals in planning and sales,
including language experts proficient in English, Chinese, and more.

Through meticulous sourcing of high-quality pearls guided by discerning eyes, these professionals process them with a dedicated focus on specific applications,
ensuring that the pearls shine the brightest in the final products.
The sales professionals then strategize optimal sales methods, utilizing multiple languages such as English and Chinese for global exports.

With professionals dedicated to procurement, processing, and sales, each field is approached with a high level of expertise and commitment.
This collaborative effort enables the stable supply of high-quality pearls,
garnering support from buyers in over 30 countries worldwide who appreciate the excellence in the professional work undertaken.


The strong partnership with producers is made possible by our company's track record spanning over 60 years. This is the greatest strength of EIKO PEARL.

Having eligibility to participate in auctions organized by farmers worldwide and boasting top-notch procurement records for both South Sea pearls and Akoya pearls domestically, we are well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of our clients. This enables us to achieve a sustainable supply, consistently catering to the demands of various trading partners.

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Direct Procurement from Farms

EIKO PEARL holds the qualification to participate in all farms-hosted auctions, both domestically and internationally. Actively engaging in these auctions, we directly procure pearls from farms, allowing us to offer our clients competitive pricing for their procurement needs.

Top-Tier Procurement Records

We have established top-tier procurement records at auctions, allowing us the privilege of prioritized purchases at settlement meetings where we are invited based on our performance. Through ongoing and consistent purchases, we contribute to the stable employment of producers.

A discerning eye for quality

At auctions, it is crucial to assess over 100 lots of items within a limited time, carefully selecting the necessary products. Additionally, one must be sensitive to the ever-changing market conditions, swiftly gauging and determining appropriate amounts. This requires years of cultivated experience and a discerning eye for appraising pearls.


We maintain consistent quality through in-house processing and a reliable set of processing techniques. The procured pearls undergo thorough categorization based on their intended use, ensuring that the processing applied brings out the inherent beauty of the pearls to the fullest.

With meticulous attention to detail and exceptional speed, we respond to the needs of our clients. Our participation in exhibitions and training at aquaculture farms deepens our understanding of sales environments and pearls, allowing us to incorporate that experience into our processing.

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Thorough Selection

The procured pearls undergo a further detailed selection process led by the company president and skilled employees. By meticulously and rigorously selecting while ensuring the quality of the pearls, we enhance the beauty of the finest ones and allocate them to applications that best suit their quality. This ensures that the acquired pearls are utilized to their full potential without waste.

Consistent In-House Processing

We consistently conduct in-house processing to uphold thorough quality control. Our skilled employees, possessing exceptional processing techniques, handle the processing with meticulous attention to detail through manual craftsmanship. Additionally, we provide technical guidance to pass on these skills to our junior members. Conducting all processing in-house allows us to respond promptly to various needs.

Applying Experience to Processing

After joining the company, employees undergo farm visits, hands-on experiences in operation, and training to enhance their processing skills. By immersing themselves in the thoughts of producers and experiencing the aquaculture environment, they deepen their understanding of pearls and apply this knowledge to improve their processing techniques. Participating in sales events at exhibitions further cultivates a keen eye for examining products.


We consistently maintain an inventory of over 180,000 items, offering a comprehensive product lineup. With a commitment to sincere dealings with each of our clients, we are proud to have established sales records with over 4,000 companies, spanning 30 countries worldwide. Furthermore, starting from 2020, we have ventured into mobile app development, actively adapting to the trend of online sales and embracing non-face-to-face transactions.

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Industry-Leading Inventory

With top-tier procurement records domestically and an industry-leading inventory, we take pride in offering a consistently extensive range of products. We maintain a stock of over 180,000 items at all times, ensuring a stable assortment for our valued clients.

Sincere Service

Pearls are valuable jewelry. To ensure continued and secure transactions with our clients, trust is essential. We consistently prioritize sincere and trustworthy interactions, addressing the needs and problem-solving of our clients promptly.

Online Sales Transformation

In our pursuit of creating a secure environment for transactions not only through traditional face-to-face sales but also in non-face-to-face interactions, we aim for transparency in quality assurance. This includes providing certificates of authenticity for high-quality products, as well as offering detailed photos and videos capturing color tones and any imperfections faithfully.