Discerning eye for quality

Sourcing is the backbone of all our operations. As it directly impacts quality and competitiveness, it requires a keen eye for pearls and the ability to discern market trends and prices. The sourcing responsibility is shouldered by CEO, Ogami.

During auctions, he meticulously inspects each lot selected based on quality, making decisions on which lots to purchase. With over 100 lots listed daily, he identifies products that meet market demands and strategically bids at the right price.

For 30 years, participating in auctions worldwide, Ogami's seasoned 'discerning eye for quality' has been honed. It is through these years of experience that EIKO PEARL ensures a reliable supply of high-quality pearls to our valued clients.

A Strong Network with Farmers by History

Pearl auctions are held worldwide, including in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, the Philippines,
and beyond, and we hold eligibility for participation in almost all of them.
Given that individual transactions can reach several hundred million yen, obtaining eligibility is challenging,
and only around 100 companies are allowed to participate in a single auction.

Having the privilege to participate in these limited opportunities allows us to directly procure pearls from producers.
This unique route enables us to offer attractive prices and high-quality products.

Direct Procurement from Farms

Auctions organized by farmers worldwide, including those in Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and beyond, provide limited opportunities with approximately 100 participating companies. We actively participate in all these auctions, building strong relationships with farmers around the world.

Top-tier procurement records and stable supply

We consistently rank among the top in procurement records at numerous auctions and take pride in being one of the leading players in the domestic market. Through diverse sourcing channels and a wealth of procurement achievements, we have established a robust system to ensure a stable supply, consistently meeting the demands of our valued clients.

Deep Understanding of Market Trends

During auctions, the market prices may deviate from the actual market values due to factors such as the timing of the auction and the reputation of participating companies. However, we have established a direct trading environment with farmers worldwide, providing us with numerous opportunities for procurement. This enables us to bid calmly and according to our own evaluation, even in situations where bidding prices may be disconnected from the market prices.

We consistently attend auctions around the world. Through this dedicated market research, EIKO PEARL can offer high-quality pearls to our valued clients at attractive prices.

Participation in Private Auction

Pearl auctions are conducted through a bidding system. When recognized for top-tier procurement records, there is a possibility of receiving invitations to private auctions. In these auctions, there is an opportunity to preview and procure pearls that have been prioritized for harvest.

While auctions may require bidding on multiple lots to ensure quality consistency, successfully winning all targeted lots simultaneously is quite challenging. However, settlement meetings offer the advantage of having numerous lots with consistent quality available, allowing the procurement of products that align with the client's needs at discounted prices, presenting a significant advantage.


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