The Posture of EIKO PEARL

We strive for sincere dealings with each and every business partner, and currently, we have a sales record with over 4,000 partners in more than 30 countries worldwide. We have established a stable product lineup and a structure that allows us to meet the needs of our business partners.

In addition to staying informed about market trends, we value cultural backgrounds obtained during negotiations with our business partners. Our commitment goes beyond providing products, we prioritize sincere interactions to build trust.

Furthermore, since 2020, we have ventured into mobile app development and actively embraced online sales to facilitate non-face-to-face transactions

Track Record of Transactions with Over 4,000 Companies
Both Domestic and International

We consistently maintain an inventory of over 180,000 items, offering a diverse range of products.
With a commitment to sincere dealings with each business partner,
we have achieved sales success with over 4,000 partners worldwide, spanning 30 countries.

By introducing new products every month, we ensure a stable product lineup, aligning our capabilities to meet the needs of our valued business partners.
Our focus remains on providing attentive service to each partner.

Sincere Service

Pearls are precious jewels, and handling them requires careful attention due to potential issues during transportation, product processing, and delivery timelines. To ensure continued trust and confidence from our business partners, reliability is paramount.

We promptly address any issues that may arise, strive for sincere interactions, and make efforts to alleviate any concerns our business partners may have. By flexibly responding to individual situations and providing the best possible solutions, we aim to offer trust and peace of mind.

Competitive Product Lineup

As a pearl manufacturer, we not only keep track of market trends but also value insights gained from our daily sales experiences. Information such as what is selling well and which products resonate with our business partners is constantly evolving. We accumulate this knowledge and strive daily to offer optimal proposals to our business partners.

Furthermore, we actively engage in learning about the cultural backgrounds and languages of our business partners to foster stronger and more solid relationships. We are committed to continuous improvement in these aspects.

Participation in Exhibition

Starting with our debut at International Jewelry Kobe in 2002, we expanded our participation in exhibitions. In 2006, we made our first appearance at the Hong Kong International Jewelry Show. Prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales at jewelry exhibitions constituted a significant portion of our revenue, making them a cornerstone of our business.

Even today, exhibitions remain a valuable opportunity for face-to-face negotiations with our business partners while examining products. They also serve as a platform to connect with new business partners. We showcase almost our entire inventory, including top-selling products, at these exhibitions, making it easy for attendees to explore our diverse product lineup.


Creation of Certificates

Pearls, even within the same price range, vary in quality with subtle differences in shape and luster significantly impacting the price. To enhance the efficiency of our business partners in selling products, we provide appraisal certificates issued by specialized appraisal institutions for selected products. This ensures transparency in quality and the delivery of reliable products.

Furthermore, we collaborate with appraisal institutions to create original appraisal certificates for Glory Pearls, adding value to our products.


Online Sales Transformation

Since 2010, our company has been actively working towards the digitization of sales. In 2021,
we revamped our e-commerce site and simultaneously developed a mobile app dedicated to virtual business negotiations.
With industry-leading speed, we achieved complete online integration.

This transformation allows our business partners not only to engage in traditional face-to-face sales
but also to accurately understand the strengths and weaknesses of pearls in a virtual setting.
We have created an environment where partners can confidently conduct transactions, both face-to-face and remotely.


Pearls, even in the same price range, vary in quality due to subtle differences in shape and luster, significantly influencing the price. Lighting intensity can also change the color and luster of pearls.

Capturing these features accurately in photos is challenging, but we've invested in high-quality photography equipment and optimized our sales platform for real-time product viewing.

With each new product introduction, we promptly update information on our mobile app and e-commerce site. This allows partners to consistently check the latest inventory and purchase new items without waiting for trade shows.



We participate in international jewelry exhibitions held both domestically and overseas.
You can check the annual exhibition schedule here.



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