Consistent In-House Processing

We consistently process pearls in-house, starting from directly sourcing pearls from farms. The journey from pearl selection to the final product involves various stages, and at each step, we have established checklists. We strive for continuous improvement until we meet the quality standards that satisfy us.

By conducting all processes in-house, we can thoroughly manage every detail, ensuring a stable and guaranteed quality. Through meticulous pearl selection and processing that maximizes the quality of each pearl, we create competitive, high-quality products.

Thorough Selection

The procured lots are initially sorted according to their intended use.
By meticulously and thoroughly selecting while ensuring the quality of the pearls, we enhance the beauty of the finest ones and allocate them to applications that best suit their quality.

This sorting process is challenging even for employees with years of experience in handling pearls, requiring deep knowledge and expertise in pearls.

Maintaining Quality and Flexible Responsiveness

By consistently conducting in-house processing, we can achieve thorough management down to the smallest details, maintaining a high level of quality. Coordinating with procurement and sales, we prioritize processing while sharing progress to ensure we don’t miss sales opportunities. Additionally, the in-house processing allows us to respond promptly to sudden customer demands.

Succession of Techniques

Having a discerning eye for pearls and mastering intricate processing techniques is not something easily acquired. Developing an eye for pearls takes time and is nurtured through prolonged engagement with pearls. Our skilled employees start with basic processing under the guidance of experienced colleagues, gradually progressing to more complex tasks. To ensure the continuity of advanced techniques, we place emphasis on the succession of skills.

Original Jewelry

We also engage in the creation of original jewelry with in-house design.
Each pearl has unique characteristics, and to maximize its inherent charm, we thoroughly examine it from various angles and craft the design.
While each product may be one of many for us, we understand its significance to our clients and the end consumers.
Keeping this in mind, we meticulously create each product without compromising on quality.

Farm Training

With the cooperation of farmers, we conduct regular training sessions at farms. Through training that includes experiences such as grafting and shell management, we delve deep into the process of pearl formation. This allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms and characteristics of pearls, contributing to the enhancement of our pearl processing techniques.

Applying Experience to Processing

At trade shows, employees from the processing department also engage in sales activities. This allows us to directly observe how the products we have created are being sold. The experiences gained and feedback received from clients in the sales field bring forth new ideas, contributing to the improvement of quality and the development of new products.

Ultimately, translating these experiences into products helps enhance customer satisfaction for our clients.


We participate in international jewelry exhibitions held both domestically and overseas.
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